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Excerpt of a Letter from Jennie (Cann) Thieverge to Linda Butler 9 Apr 99
Anglican Church Missionaries and Masterson's Wood

George (her son) has some of my pictures that were sent to me by an Anglican missionary, Miss Harrold from Roberts Creek BC.  She had been to Herb Lake a lot between 1932 and 36, usually with another missionary. I believe her name was Thompson.  They went to the sawmill where we lived (Dad’s sawmill), when my mother was sick with a goiter attack and brought some food etc.  Our family kept in touch.  They moved away around 1937 when we moved into town from the mill.  Miss Harrold sent me a lot of pictures of the Herb Lake people, as I kept in touch until she passed away.  In Herb Lake they held church and Sunday School in the old building beside MacIntosh’s, known as Everybody’s Store.

Re the wood that Masterson cut -  There were piles of wood all through the bush when the Bingo mine closed and George Cann (her dad) had permission to haul it and use it, and he hauled some to town in the winters and sold to the people there.

Later a friend, Ed Armstrong, came from Tisdale, SK, stayed at the sawmill with our family and hauled wood as well to town in the winter of 1935 and then worked at the sawmill for the summer. He stayed in our barn hayloft the next winter and hauled more wood.

...comments about her handwriting ...I had a stroke a year ago.  Jennie


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