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References that pertains to Herb Lake history.

Drowning of Stabback and Miller Winnipeg Free Press October 29, 1930
and Fear Johnny Chartrand 17, Drowned, Winnipeg Free Press November 3, 1930

Herb Lake Electors, 1958

List of Prospectors - from The Saga of Snow Lake.

Tribute to George Bartlett, undated

History of Herb Lake Landing, by Margaret Spencer 1993

Ralph and Mabel Bryenton, Trappers

Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 125) Herb Lake 1936

Alma Mardis Interview, Writer/Editor of Salute to the Trail Blazers

The Danger Trail, a novel by James Oliver Curwood, early 1900s (link to Gutenberg site)

Hendy's Northern Spasms, poetry of W.R (Hendy) Henderson

Sediments from the Old Tea Kettle by Ralph Bryenton (not complete)

Ethel Corman, by Hazel Corman 1993

Maxwell Family - Dulcie Taylor - The Maxwells at the South End and Herb Lake/Letter Jan 1998/Milty

Jennie Thieverge (Cann) - letter 9 Apr 99 re Anglican Church Missionaries and Masterson's Wood Piles

Bud Starrie and Walter Spillet - Email from Clark Starrie remembering their deaths. 2001

Norman Leslie - letter remembering gold panning and Bill Marshall

Walt Kerr Conversation, 10 Jan 2006

Farewell to Herb Lake by Linda Butler, based on a letter of David Fergus 1949

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