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This is a copy of the “Dedication” page of The Saga of Snow Lake, 1970.  This list of pioneer names is helpful in identifying old photographs.  Comments about spellings are in brackets. It is questionable if all these men were “prospectors”, but they were certainly “pioneers”.  One woman, Kathleen Rice is included, but other women prospectors/pioneers did not make the list. Jack Patton, who worked as a diamond driller is missing.

“This book is dedicated to the following prospectors of the Snow Lake area.  Were it not for these men, there would be no “Saga of Snow Lake.”
Gaspard Richard (Gaspar ?)
Charlie Krug
Paul Gass
Hugh Vickers
Wilf Vickers
Mike Hackett
Julius Campbell
Dick Woosey
Pete Kobar
Bill Kobar
Bart Kobar
Charlie Stayback
Ed Stuart
Charlie Vance
Walter Johnson
Roy Leslie
Marsh Ballard
Pete Durand
Harry Roberts Sr.
Rod McLeod
Carl Stoltz
Albert Corman
Arthur Corman
A. LaChapelle
Mike Huot
Felix Bordeaux
William “Billie” Wedge
Charlie Linn
Charlie Nelson
Glen Rapson
Joe Kerr
Wm. “Bill” English
Jack Nutt
Wilfred Cote
John C.L. Ferguson
Charles Morgan
Sam Kluklatch
Andy Paterson
Bill Brady
George Folster
Jack Mosso
George Doll
Angus Woods
John Dionne
Dick Ellice (maybe Ellis)
Bob Kerr
Joy Meyers
Mike Remniak
Louis Revord
Kathleen Rice
Dan McDonald
Bill McDonald
“Blackie” Brooks
Jack Blain
Billy Todd
Pat Ducharme
Oliver Dickson

The editor humbly apologizes to those prospectors whom may have been missed or were not included in the research when compiling data for the Saga of Snow Lake.”

The acknowledgements page includes these names: Ida Rainville, Lew Parres, W.B. “Bart” Kobar, and Effie Johnson.


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