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This is a copy of the list of electors for Herb Lake, 1958. There are some misspellings and the correct spelling, or comment, is in brackets. Some of these people lived at Wekusko.  It is interesting that married women are identified by their husband’s name, and their name is added in brackets.  Women who were housewives had no occupation, although being a homemaker at Herb Lake, without electricity or running water, was a full-time job.  This list will help with the identification of people in old photos because it gives a list of people in the area.  Once the photos are up, the photos can be linked with this list. 47 people were registered to vote at Herb Lake.

The Canada Electors Act 1958
Rural Preliminary List of Electors
Electoral District of Churchill Rural Polling Division No 40, Herb Lake
Comprising: Townships 66 to 75, Ranges 12 to 16 W. All inclusive.

  1. Bourdean, Felix, Pensioner – Herb Lake (name is probably Bordeau or Bordeaux ?)
  2. Barttett, George, Fisherman – Herb Lake (name is Bartlett)
  3. Barttett, Mrs. George – Herb Lake (name is Bartlett, Ernestine)
  4. Bryenton, Ralph, Trapper – Herb Lake
  5. Bryenton, Mrs. Ralph – Herb Lake (Mabel)
  6. Corman, Arthur, Trapper – Herb Lake
  7. Corman, Mrs Arthur – Herb Lake (Ann)
  8. Corman, Albert, Trapper – Herb Lake
  9. Corman, Mrs. Albert – Herb Lake (Ethel)
  10. Corman, James, Miner – Herb Lake
  11. Corman, Mrs. James – Herb Lake (Hazel)
  12. Calcutt, Kingsley, Pensioner – Herb Lake (known as King)
  13. Calcutt, Birt, Trapper – Herb Lake (probably Bert)
  14. Calcutt, Mrs. Birt – Herb Lake (probably Mrs. Bert)
  15. Calcutt, Gertie, Merchant – Herb Lake (probably Gertrude)
  16. Cann, Ruth, Postmistress – Herb Lake
  17. Cann, Gordon, Handyman – Herb Lake
  18. Durant, Mrs. Peter, Widow – Herb Lake (name?)
  19. Ducharme, Edmond, Trapper – Herb Lake
  20. Ducharme, Gregory, Miner – Herb Lake
  21. Ducharme, Mrs. Gregory – Herb Lake (name?)
  22. Fisher, Jackie, Trapper – Herb Lake
  23. Hnot, Mike, Pensioner – Herb Lake (lived at Sandy Beach) (or Hewit)
  24. Kane, Fred, Section Worker – Herb Lake (lived at Wekusko)
  25. Kane, Mrs Fred, School Teacher – Herb Lake (lived at Wekusko) (name?)
  26. Lachapelle, Cimable, Pensioner – Herb Lake (lived at Sandy Beach
  27. McCrae, Ebert, Caretaker – Herb Lake (lived at the Ferro mine)
  28. McCrae, Mrs. Ebert – Herb Lake (lived at the Ferro mine) (name? Ethel?)
  29. Paterson, Andy – Herb Lake
  30. Patton, Jack, Diamond Driller – Herb Lake (lived at Sandy Beach)
  31. Roberts, Edna, Widow – Herb Lake
  32. Roberts, Milton, Fisherman – Herb Lake
  33. Roberts Alfred, Trapper – Herb Lake
  34. Roberts, Peter, Diamond Driller – Herb Lake
  35. Roberts, Mrs. Peter – Herb Lake (Pauline)
  36. Roberts, Harry, Trapper – Herb Lake
  37. Roberts, Mrs. Harry – Herb Lake (Janet)
  38. Stoltz, Carl, Pensioner – Herb Lake
  39. Stoltz, Mrs. Carl – Herb Lake (name?)
  40. Stoltz, Edwin, Fisherman – Herb Lake
  41. Stoltz, Mrs. Edwin – Herb Lake (Linda)
  42. Stoltz, Eric, Prospector – Herb Lake
  43. Stoltz, Mrs. Eric – Herb Lake (Mary)
  44. Stoltz, Louis, Trapper – Herb Lake
  45. Stoltz, Mrs. Louis – Herb Lake (Hilda)
  46. Kobar, William, Prospector – Herb Lake
  47. Remniak, Mike, Trapper – Herb Lake (lived at Sandy Beach)

I hereby certify that the foregoing is the printed preliminary list of electors for rural polling division No. 40, of the electoral district of Churchill, as prepared by the appropriate enumerator for use at the pending election.  Dated at Swan River, this 22nd day of February, 1958 W.G. Thompson, Returning Officer


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